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Service Overview

The automation technology that production lines provide has for many years been the key to market competition and, on a wider scale, society industrialization. However, production lines can suffer wear and tear overtime, may become obsolete, difficult to maintain, and in some cases, nearly impossible to support. At ENGINEERING HORIZON, we are continually doing research and updating our technologies, skills, knowledge and techniques to the most effective approaches and products. Thus, we are not only able to upgrade the look and functionality of your production line, but also its overall capacity, and consequently profitability to your business or organisation.
Maintenance and repair downtime is inevitable, but expensive even where it is planned. By improving equipment reliability, both costs and frequency can be minimised, in turn helping improve production efficiency. We’ll work with you to achieve this through:

  •    Component analysis: We’ll undertake a comprehensive review of your equipment, and provide a detailed performance analysis regarding maintenance requirements, application efficiency and lifetime running costs. Our technical team can offer advice to help prevent further failure where applications have failed. Plus we can see where products on the line are continually failing and work alongside our suppliers to find ways of adapting products to avoid such failures. Where appropriate, we’ll make alternative recommendations (especially useful in the case of costly or ‘hard to find’ components). We’ll also analyse your history of component failure in order to understand causes and prevent future occurrence.
  •    Condition monitoring: We’ll analyse key components on your production line, helping ensure continuous performance at optimum levels and using this process to monitor deterioration in performance of critical line components so as to swap them out before there is a product failure.
  •    Training: You can invest in the highest quality machinery on the market but unless your employees are sufficiently trained and confident in how to use it, your level of production line efficiency will be impacted. For this reason, when measuring production line KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), training should not be ignored. At ENGINEERING HORIZON we have noticed a direct correlation between customers who keep employees up to date with training and increased efficiency. That’s why we would always recommend that this is an area you invest wisely in.