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Performance through Knowledge

Let us Introduce Ourselves

ENGINEERING HORIZONS, has always been focused on providing the highest quality of work in the packaging machinery industry, by being available at any time and proposing the easiest and fastest solutions. The members of the EH team are highly engaged, skilled and customer oriented.

What Do We Do

Lean Six Sigma & Engineering Services

ENGINEERING HORIZONS is an industry leader in lean manufacturing support and life cycle management services. We are a full lean service provider of comprehensive complete line or individual machines as a support services, with a combined 20 years of experience. Our lead engineers as well as technicians have an extensive background in manufacturing. This extends our capability to troubleshoot retrospectively from the end-customer’s requirement in order to quickly diagnose your malfunctioning equipment. Our proprietary repair process includes technical support, failure analysis, six sigma, engineering analysis, and product testing as a way to extend the the life cycle of your equipment. EH offers emergency services to repair high value equipment and shorten lead times for specific projects. We conduct preventive maintenance to enable machines to function at optimal levels while identifying potential equipment failures. Our field service support facilitates our clients in installation of their equipment.